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Employee engagement and retention are key to your success.

Your benefits package is a key piece in keeping your employees engaged.

It is essential to understand that your employee engagement and staff retention are connected. Employees who are not engaged at work have little incentive to stay. Understanding how you can help your team live a good life, and help them take care of their fundamental concerns, is key to them becoming evangelists for your company’s mission. We work with you to build and communicate a benefits portfolio to help make your company the success you dream of.

What We Do

We support employers around the Treasure Valley with choosing the best health insurance benefits and other ancillary benefits to offer their employees. We also consult with families and individuals in choosing the right health insurance for them. The Shandro Group is committed to listening and understanding what your needs are and supporting that in the best way possible.


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15 years of experience in group and individual health insurance.
Serving the Boise area since 2001.


2025 Open Enrollment Dates For Individuals and Families: October 15, 2024 – December 15, 2024


Employer Insurances can be set up for open enrollment at anytime, even for small businesses


2025 Annual Enrollment Dates For Medicare:
October 15, 2024 – December 7, 2024


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