Lindsay Clarke-Youngwerth


I think it is safe to say that most children don’t say they want to sell insurance when they grow up. I am pretty sure I didn’t, because I was going to be any litany of things, and I had no idea what insurance even was. I have spent my life for the most part, looking for ways to help people. From working as a nanny, waitressing, to becoming a mother, and now I help people navigate through the Affordable Care Act.

It is such a blessing to know that what I do helps people when they need it the most. If I am not assisting someone in finding the right policy for them, I may be advocating on behalf of another in a grant application for free medications. This job has taught me more about community, compassion, and understanding our social world than anything else I have done. I truly enjoy understanding and explaining the legislative portion of our healthcare system, while sharing a conversation with my clients on how we can make changes in our community.

I love what I do, the people in my office, my clients and the industry that I get to work in.

When I am not behind the desk in my office you will most likely find me reading a book, hiking, or bragging about my awesome family.


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