Lori Shandro

Managing Partner

After earning my accounting degree at the University of San Francisco, I went to work for a large public accounting firm in their audit practice and lived happily ever after. Well, not exactly. I worked really hard, but was pretty miserable, so I transferred to their tax practice. With the help of a mentor there, I earned my CPA and became a specialist in the taxation of insurance companies. The work was interesting, but still not very satisfying. I realized that I would rather work to serve individuals, families and small businesses.

In 2001 and after five years between the San Francisco, Seattle and Boise offices, I left public accounting to start my own health insurance agency. Just like taxes, insurance is complicated, intimidating and expensive. I love being able to help my clients make educated decisions and breathe easier about a such an important topic. The worlds of taxation and insurance have grown together with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. As such, having both of these professional backgrounds has been extremely helpful.

I love living and working in Idaho with my family, friends, clients and colleagues and hope to do so for a long, long time.


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